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Recent Transactions

Office Building

Purchased in January of 2018 for $1.3M. Generating $13,000 monthly at 75% occupancy. Within six months new monthly income is now $30,000. Cash out refinance of $1.1M. While still generating a hefty profit every month.

Industrial Portfolio

Properties purchased in early 2019 for $983k generating $12,000 monthly. Today current income is $22,000 a month. Cash out refinance of $1,200,000 and continues to cash flow every month. With little to no management.

Multifamily Project

Properties acquired in 2017 for $611k. Generating $4,000 monthly. After being stabilized $9,600 monthly. Refinanced and sold for over $500k profit in 2019.

We TEACH it All

Our course is designed to be a complete package to give you our exact strategy in order to build, scale and grow your real estate portfolio. You will learn...

  1. How to Buy 
  2. Management
  3. Refinancing 

Mini Courses

How To Acquire Properties

We'll go over how to find and buy right. Such as buying value-add, assessing the sellers situation and negotiation.

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Managing The Asset

How to find tenants, conduct due diligence and create a win-win relationship.

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What is Refinancing?

This course explains in-depth what a refinance is and its many benefits. Such as cash out, tax effects, rates and terms.

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What You'll Get

You'll get our complete blueprint on how to acquire your first property, correctly manage it and refinance to keep your money moving. What took my team and I years to learn and many dollars in mistakes will be at your fingertips for not even a quarter of the cost. Our course is designed to see you succeed and be on a fast track within 12 months or less.

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